Power Relay CO09


Power Relay CO09 spare part for:

  • Electric Salamander OE8303, OE8304
  • Electric Salamander Grill OE7303, OE7304
  • Electric Griddles GS3,GS4,GS6,GS65,GS6/T,GS7,GS3C,GS4C,GS6C,GS6C/T,GS7C,GS9
  • Electric Griddles & Grills LGG,LGG/R,LGG2/R,LGG2/S (Discontinued July 2007) LGR,LGR2
  • 220V Elements (For Export Items)

Power Relay - CO09 Used on : GS65

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Power Relay - CO09
Used on : GS65
Silverlink 600 Electric
Power Relay - CO09
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